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Maine Made Inlay Cutting Boards
  • Maine Made Inlay Cutting Boards

    Locally made by Elevated Creations. The inlay cutting boards are made from Select Choice hardwoods, The primary wood is Maple, with a shaped Walnut inlay, also available is a Walnut board with a Maple inlay.  All cutting boards are sanded to a smooth finish with 220 grit sandpaper, fully oiled and ready for use. We also offer custom inlay cutting boards, just send us your image for the inlay and select your choice of 2 hardwoods. Product dimensions are 11.375" x 5.437" x 0.75", with 1" thumb, hanging hole. Wood-grain will vary. Larger sizes are availableDo not wash your cutting board in the dishwasher, use a damp cloth to wash your board, then wipe with a dry cloth.  We recommend applying food grade cutting board oil to your board every few months.
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