At Old Crow Ranch, we don't take food for granted. We believe in providing our animals with a high quality of life. We provide the best feed we can purchase or make ourselves. They live a healthy, productive life and provide nutritious food to our customers. By prioritizing the food they eat, we receive clean, nutrient-dense meat in return to feed our family and our community.   


We purchase yearling Hereford and Hereford/Angus cross calves from other Maine farmers.  As a pasture-based operation, we practice rotational grazing in which our beefies always have access to fresh grass and forage.  From those same fields we put up our own hay and haylage for winter feeding. Our beef is harvested year round. You can purchase our grass-fed beef by the side or whole animal and choose how your meat is cut, or choose the 50 lb or 100 lb box option and receive a little bit of everything. Cuts of beef are always available in our Farm Store.


Our piglets are purchased in state from other small farms. Our market hogs are mixed breeds. We feed our pigs a GMO-free swine grain ration. Our pigs are pasture raised for three seasons and are able to forage at will. In the winter they are safely hunkered down in the hog barn. Our pork is available year-round, what month you receive your meat is dependent on availability. You can buy our pork by the side or whole hog and choose how it's cut.  Or you can buy by the cut in our Farm Store and discover your favorite cuts that way.


Our chickens are pastured and fed a GMO-free broiler feed. We raise Freedom Rangers, slow growing meat birds, that forage well. We grow about 1,000 meat birds every summer. Our chickens are sold whole and ready for roasting. They are available wholesale June - August. You'll find a few in our Farm Store, but they sell out quickly, so sign up for our mailing list to get email updates about when we restock the store.