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Growing up surrounded by farmland and working farmers, Steve has always had the outdoors in his blood.  When the opportunity to buy the land that would become Old Crow Ranch presented itself in 2008, he felt privileged to have the chance to build his own farm from scratch. With generous support from the “Land for Maine’s Future” program and Royal River Conservation Trust, Old Crow Ranch is a designated “Forever Farm” and will remain farmland in perpetuity.  He has taken great care in designing the infrastructure and systems that allow for a thriving biome on their pasture based, family-owned farm.


Steve, Seren and their three girls, Maggie, Vinka and Addie are the dynamic family force behind Old Crow Ranch. Seren came into Steve’s life with the help of a well-timed hug, and they’ve been an unstoppable duo, building Old Crow Ranch, ever since. Food is love for the Sinisis, and more than 80% of what they eat is grown, cooked and preserved right on their land. They cherish sharing this gift and creating lasting relationships with their customers. Ever the enthusiastic hosts, they look forward to annual events like the Pig Roast where everyone gets to kick back, eat some great food, enjoy the view and revel in the company of their neighbors.




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