Frequently asked questions

Is your meat humanely raised and slaughtered?

Absolutely. Respect for our animals who feed us is paramount in our philosophy and practices of farming. Our livestock are slaughtered at L&P Bisson & Sons, a state inspected slaughtering facility, located less than 14 miles away from our farm. We are grateful for the humane treatment our animals receive there.

How big is your farm?

Old Crow Ranch is 82 acres, 70 acres of which is contiguous. Seventy-seven of the 82 acres is in an agricultural easement, which preserves the farmland for perpetuity. The farm has 52 acres of open pastures, some plantation pine woodlot, and Gerrish Brook, a protected waterway. We lease an additional 95 acres to make enough haylage to feed our cattle year round.

What does grass-fed mean?

Grass-fed means that none of our beef critters receive any type of processed grain. They are strictly on a grass diet; pasturing in the summer and on our own hay and haylage (fermented hay) in the winter months.

What size freezer do I need to store my frozen meat?

A small (5.1 cubic foot) chest freezer will hold a side of pork OR a 1/4 beef with some room left over. A medium (8.8 cubic foot) chest freezer will hold a side of pork AND a 1/4 beef AND 10 chickens with some room left over.

What does Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) mean?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a food purchasing system designed to encourage relationships between consumers and growers. The benefits of participating in share are numerous: supporting local farmers, ensuring that the meat you put on your table is fresh and raised the way you want it to be, and buying in bulk can be less expensive than buying individual cuts. One of the most interesting aspects we find is it allows our customers to learn about using the whole animal, and expand their skills in the kitchen. Buying wholesale meat is an investment in the future of our farm. Your early season deposit helps us cover the cost of raising meat that we know is sold. Farming requires a hefty initial investment and your CSA order helps us plan for the coming season. How it works: you pay an initial deposit to confirm your order which will be ready in a specified time frame. Our chickens are generally ready for pickup from June– November. Our grass-fed beef is generally available for pickup November – March. Our pork is generally available on a monthly rolling basis depending on demand. Head over to our ordering page to see the specifications for each option.

Tell me more about where your meat is processed.

Our animals are slaughtered at J&P Bissons and Sons in Topsham, ME or Weston’s Meat and Poultry in Gardiner, ME. Our meat is butchtered by J&P Bissons and Sons inTopsham, ME, Weston’s Meat and Poultry in Gardiner, ME, and Farmer’s Gate Market in Wales, ME.