Pork - Whole - Deposit

Pork - Whole - Deposit




  • $4.75/lb on hanging weight for your whole hog
  • A whole hog generally weighs 200 - 250 lbs
  • $1,045 approximate total for pork (based on 220 lb hog)
  • $330 approximate total for processing ($1.50/lb on HW for cut, cure, cryo wrap, freeze; based on 220 lb hog)
  • $1375 Grand Total pork and processing a 220 lb whole hog.



If you'd like us to facilitate your pork being processed you have a couple more decisions to make: cure, cutting & sausage flavors.


CURE OPTIONS (OCR cure is only available at Farmers Gate Market, Weston's uses standard cure). We only have processing slots available at Weston's for the remainder of 2021.

There are two cure options:

  • Standard Cure ($1.50/lb on HW) - uses the classic pink salt (chemically derived nitrate) to help preserve your meat in the curing and smoking process.
  • OCR Cure ($1.65/lb on HW) - uses celery juice powder (naturally derived nitrate) to help preserve your meat in the curing and smoking process.



There are three cutting options:

  • Standard Option - this includes a mix of ham, ham steaks, bacon, chops, roasts and ground/sausage. This option maximizes use of the whole side of beef.
  • Sausage/Ground Heavy Option - a whole pork estimated at 200-250 lbs, includes approximately: 2 - 5 lb ham roast, 26 lbs of bacon (sliced & in ½ lb packages), 12 – 2 packs of bone-in pork chops, 2 whole tenderloins, 2 whole racks spare ribs, 50+ lbs bulk packed sausage or ground pork in 1 lb packages (you choose 2 flavors: breakfast, sweet Italian, Hungarian Bratwurst, Tuscan, hot Italian, Chorizo, ground pork), leaf lard, fat back.   Disclaimer: this option cuts out a lot of the bones that you’ve paid for with hanging weight. The weight of meat you receive will be significantly less than the hanging weight.
  • Choose Your Own -  you will fill out your own cut sheet and choose how your meat is cut. We’ll send you a form to fill out and assist you as needed.



Wholesale, you may choose a side of pork or in the farm store you may buy pork but the cut or value pack.


*Hanging weight (HW) is the post-slaughter weight of the animal. You might notice a difference between the hanging weight you pay for and the actual weight of meat you receive. This difference depends on what you choose as far as boneless cuts, marrow bones, organ meat, fat, and trim.

  • About Buying Wholesale CSA Meat

    Buying wholesale meat is an investment in the future of our