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Beef - Whole - Deposit

Beef - Whole - Deposit




  • $4.10/lb on hanging weight (HW*) for your whole beef.
  • A whole grass-fed beef from Old Crow Ranch averages 600+ lbs hanging weight (HW)*. But each animal can range from 500-750 lbs
  • $2,460 approximate total for whole beef (based on 600 lb HW beef).
  • $600 approximate total for processing ($1/lb on HW for cut, wrap & freeze, based on 600 lb HW beef).
  • $3060 approximate grand total for a beef & processing on a 600 lb HW beef.



If you'd like us to facilitate having your beef cut there will be a $1/lb on HW cut fee. There are two cutting options when ordering a whole beef:

  1. Standard Option - this includes a mix of steaks, roasts and ground beef. This option maximizes use of the whole beef. We'll submit a beef cut sheet to the butcher shop on your behalf.
  2. Choose Your Own -  you will fill out your own cut sheet and choose how your meat is cut. We’ll send you a form to fill out and assist you as needed.



We have 50 lb, 100 lb boxes, and side of beef options available in other listings.


*Hanging weight (HW) is the post-slaughter weight of the animal. You might notice a difference between the hanging weight you pay for and the actual weight of meat you receive. This difference depends on what you choose as far as boneless cuts, marrow bones, organ meat, fat, and trim.

  • About Buying Wholesale CSA Meat

    Buying wholesale meat is an investment in the future of our farm. We operate on a modified Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) system. Your early season deposit helps us cover the cost of raising meat that we know is sold.  Farming requires a hefty initial investment and your CSA order helps us plan for the coming season.

    You pay this initial deposit to confirm your order which will be ready in a specified time frame. Our chickens are generally ready for pickup from June– November. Our grass-fed beef is generally available for pickup November – March. Our pork is generally available on a monthly rolling basis depending on demand.

  • What's Next

    After placing your order, you'll receive a confirmation email with an approximate timeframe of when your meat will be ready. Please add to your contact list.

  • Pickup Info

    Pickup will be on farm at Old Crow Ranch at 427 Davis Rd. in Durham, ME. You'll receive an email 1-2 weeks before pickup to schedule the time and date. As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

  • Refund Policy

    Deposits are refundable up to 30 days before your meat pick up day. Please contact us directly if you need to cancel your order.

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